Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Kitchen Cabinets are one of the most important investments in your new, or existing home. Most Real Estate authorities agree that putting money in the Kitchen is a great investment, and that adds to increased property value.

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

There are literally thousands of choices when you are shopping for cabinets, so I am not going to try to influence you as to style or design, but I can offer some advice on how to get the most for your money when you are selecting and buying cabinets.

My wife and I took a considerable amount of time at home centers and cabinet shops looking at designs and styles to get a good idea what we wanted. We made sure we had a picture or a brochure of the cabinets that we were interested in.

If you are anything like us, your top choices will always be the most expensive. Don’t despair, this is all part of the process, just keep looking until you are satisfied that you have a good idea of what you want.

After you finish looking, sit down and sort out all the pictures and brochures, narrowing it down to three or four that you really like. When we reached this point, we started looking for a good trim carpenter that could do our trim work in the house, and build our Cabinets.

Pre-Made vs. Custom Made Kitchen Cabinets
Many people assume that pre-made Cabinets are cheaper than custom-made cabinets. This is not necessarily true. If you select plain cabinets, pre-made cabinets are usually cheaper, but when you add dimension and design to your cabinets, the price for pre-made cabinets goes up fast. I suggest you explore both types of cabinets to make sure you get what you want, in the right price range.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Finding the right trim carpenter to build your kitchen cabinets will take some time, but you need to be very selective. For more information on selecting and finding good qualified contractors go to the Building Contractor.

When you meet with your Trim Carpenter, you need to view his or her samples of doors and pictures of kitchen cabinets that they have built. Then you can show them your collection of cabinet pictures and brochures and discuss the features that you really like. If you find at this point they are not open to what you want, keep looking for another carpenter to build you cabinets. You don’t need another headache!

Find at least three trim carpenters that can build your kitchen cabinets, and select the one that is price competitive, and you are comfortable working with. If the person seems argumentative, or artsy, perhaps you don’t want to work with them.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets

We looked at cabinets and interviewed trim carpenters for weeks. I know it sounds like we spend too much time, but it was worth it! We had all the information that we needed to make a good decision. On one of our earlier houses, we put in pricey, custom kitchen cabinets, and on the house just prior to this one, we put in pre-made cabinets. So, we had some comparisons to work with. We wanted something in between, and thankfully, we got it! My wife loves her kitchen one that no builder could ever deliver!

It all boils down to what your taste is and what you can afford. Everybody’s situation is different. So take your time and get the most for your money.

Concrete Kitchen Countertops

Did you know that concrete kitchen countertops are an easy and eco-friendly choice for a DIY concrete project? Pros and do-it-yourself homeowners have found how concrete can be inexpensively fabricated into an upscale surface for kitchens and baths. But, did you also know that there are dozens of other DIY concrete projects that are easy to master and will add lasting value to your home?

Once you have a grasp of the basic techniques of working with concrete, you can use these skills to craft beautiful additions to your home. Throughout this site, we will share our 40 years of experience with you as we guide you through the basics and some fun and interesting projects. You will discover that:

Using Concrete can be Easy

Mix Concrete

DIY concrete projects are affordable You can quickly learn how to work with concrete Concrete is a durable and versatile material that can be used in kitchens, baths, laundry areas, and for flooring, landscaping features and many other upgraded improvements to your home Concrete can be stained in hundreds of colors and patterns producing a high-end, designer effect.

There are scores of patterns and textures you can choose when stamping concrete that can give your driveway or patio an upscale appearance Concrete fireplaces, shelves and tables are easy DIY projects that will enhance the value of your home.

Repairing existing concrete in your home is a simple home fix that you can learn in a few hours It is our goal to give you the best instruction and information on concrete projects so that you will feel knowledgeable and confident about your DIY concrete projects. We hope you will agree that with our expert instruction and guidance you, too, will find that “this concrete thing isn’t that hard.”

We invite you to come along with us as we share the tips and techniques we’ve learned during the past thirty years in the concrete business. From concrete countertops to stamping a walkway, you will find all the inside trade secrets and special applications that will make learning DIY concrete projects an exciting and rewarding activity for you and your home. Oh, and two more things. Don’t forget that we are here to help you with your concrete projects.

If we can provide more instruction, or you get stumped, or you need a creative solution, just contact us. And, don’t forget to check back often. We add new DIY projects to this site on a regular basis. Enjoy!

Exterior Home Remodeling

Exterior home remodeling offers a great opportunity for you to add your very own mark on your home. You can design and style it the way that you want. You can go as conservative or as creative as your budget will allow. Let’s look at the myriad of options now.

Exterior home remodeling can include any number of things. It can be a very simple addition of a few things to a complete redoing of the entire exterior. The simpler jobs can be done very easily by the average homeowner while the larger jobs will require several teams of experienced professionals. Remodeling the exterior of a home can be a tremendously hard undertaking, and it should definitely be handled by professionals.

Simple Changes can make a Huge Difference

Garden Gnome

The smaller things that can be done while remodeling a home exterior can include replacing the door, changing a garage door, adding some simple lights, changing the mailbox, and other minor changes or additions. These are some of simpler things that many people can do to add a somewhat new feel to a home.

Even something as simple as adding a new door can have a nice impact. While it may not be all that visible from the road, anyone entering the home experiences the door. If you have a nice custom door then you have an opportunity to make a lasting impression on the people entering the home.

Complex Changes

Some of the things that are done on larger exterior home remodeling jobs include new siding, windows, roofing, and adding new areas like decking, a pool, and more. These jobs are more for professionals who have years of experience.

Swimming PoolComplex jobs can really give your home a whole new look as well as adding a great new feel to the place. Replacing faded and worn siding with a beautiful richly stained wood siding can make a tremendous change for the better. Your home will look much better and the natural wood appearance will definitely add a very unique look to your home.

Adding something like decking to the exterior of your home opens up many great opportunities for style and decoration that can enhance any home. A nice wooden decking with multiple levels and a custom design will add a very appealing aesthetic while adding a very practical area for you and your guests to enjoy yourselves. Family meals can be greatly enhanced by eating outdoors and enjoying the benefits of you exterior home remodeling.

Adventures in Home Design

Readers enjoy having someone else try out a crazy idea and mess it up, solve those unexpected problems and then show how it’s possible to get a great outcome.

Morgan Satterfield, The Brick House

Once you’re bitten by the home design bug, you’re always remodeling – and we mean that in a good way. That’s the story Morgan Satterfield’s life as chronicled on The Brick House, a site where she shares her latest home improvement projects, DIY furniture restoration plans, vintage thrifting quests and other adventures in building a more perfect home. And it all takes place in real-time with a real budget in her beautifully real home in Hemet, California.

We checked in with Morgan to find out how she keeps her sense of humor in remodel-land, what her most popular posts are, and what the biggest challenges are for anyone new to the life of the eternal remodel.Everything in your home has been thrifted, bartered, scored on Craigslist or found at a flea market – and all for $100 or less. Give us a tour of some of your favorite finds to date… It seems like most everything at the house has a strange story or was a totally great score. My cheaply thrifted rosewood Eames lounger(which funnily was donated by the singer from Mr. Mister) is always a hit, my latest obsession with fiber art wall hangings has proven to be pretty controversial, I go through sofas like tissue paper and I’m pretty proud of the early production Saarinen tulip table I found for $100 on Craigslist. It’s been a slowly attained and ever-revolving collection of various vintage pieces, but because I’m so cheap and always looking for deals, I never can predict what I’ll find next or what finds end up changing everything around the house.

What’s been the hardest remodel project on your house so far? The exterior landscape has been the longest and most frustrating project we’ve tried to tackle. Four years in and we’re still so far from finished that I get a queasy feeling and the night sweats just thinking about it.

Most rewarding? I’m not sure we’ve done it yet? I feel like the bathrooms or maybe the kitchen update may be the most rewarding once finished, but for now everything still feels very incomplete. It’s been difficult deciding where to stop or start with bigger projects, since over-improving is a very real concern and the house has probably gone far beyond that point already.

What have been your most popular posts of all time? And why do you think they resonated? My DIY posts tend to be the most popular. I think readers enjoy having someone else try out a crazy idea and mess it up, solve those unexpected problems and then show how it’s possible to get a great outcome. That way folks can avoid half the tears and frustration of DIY-ing by following along with some basic ‘how to’ steps.

Image Title3

Where do you go online for DIY and remodeling inspiration or eyecandy? Any soulmates in style? I’ve met tons of crazy talented people and have loved getting to know other design bloggers and remodelers over the years. It’s been incredible to bounce ideas around and work with fabricators like Logan at OneFortyThreeand Dusty Wheeler of Rael Wood as well as follow the progress and ask questions of remodelers like the Zerby’s of Chezerby, Daniel Kantor of Manhattan Nest, Anna at Door Sixteen, Juli and John of Kitka, Justin Marr of Le Boeuf and so many more.

Summer’s coming – yay? What’s on your remodel project list for the next 3 months? Landscape and exterior stuff is always on the list, but I’d like to start finishing up the kitchen with some simple updates and clever materials as well as smaller interior DIY projects. I can feel overwhelmed by how much still needs to be done that it’s difficult to focus on just a few projects to attack at a time; which is a terrible strategy for finishing anything.

You’ve been remodeling since 2008. Any plans to finish the remodel? Or is it about the journey? I don’t think we’ll ever be finished. Which is scary and fine at the same time. I see the house more as an experiment in design problem solving and a way to test things out. I know there will always be issues here that I can never solve, so it’s sort of turned into a testing ground for what I’ll do better at the next place.

How would you finish this sentence: If I had it to do over again, I would… Not worry so much? Or worry more? Maybe not do every single thing ourselves? Sometimes inexperience meant that we screwed up projects pretty spectacularly, but hey, it’s been a great design experiment so far.

The Brick House is a SAY Media partner. Follow Morgan on Twitter @The_Brick_House.

Website, Previously Sadie LA – Sadie Kitchen and Lounge

Sadie Kitchen and Lounge is Hollywood’s leading lady! Take in the vintage charm of our expansive multi-room venue where craft cocktails and heirloom recipes are served. Sip, savor and celebrate in private upholstered booths and club chairs, or select global vintages from Sadie’s Wine Room in the Center Lounge. Seasonal dishes and sumptuous desserts are served under the stars in the Courtyard Dining Space, offering intimate tables for few to communal tables for many. Post-dinner sipping and after-hours celebrations play out in the Prohibition-style Parlour Room with low-lit lounging and eclectic music mixes. Over 5,000 feet of Private Event spaces accommodate personal and professional celebrations with up to 600 guests.

Sadie represents a new era of eating and drinking that combines the best of Hollywood’s chic past with its provocative present.  We welcome you to join us.

Courtyard Design

Welcome to Sadie, in the heart of Hollywood, the perfect place to host your next special event! Originally built in the 1920’s and recently redesigned, Sadie’s plethora of amenitices make it one of the most exciting and unique venues in Los Angeles. Sadie offers 5,000 feet of private event spaces, which can accomodate personal and professional celebrations – from intimate dinners of 20 guests to large-scale buyouts of up to 600. Whatever the size and occasion, guests will revel in the vintage charm of our expansive multi-room venue and enjoy craft cocktails and seasonal dishes served by our friendly staff.

Modern and sophisticated yet elegantly old world, Sadie achieves a warm, inviting and surprisingly unpretentious “at-home” atmosphere. The art deco-inspired furniture is fully moveable and coupled with our own expansive parking lot directly adjacent, Sadie is the ultimate in stylish, flexible and customizable indoor and outdoor event spaces.

So what are you waiting for? Make an appointment for a walk-through or tasting today!

Sip, savor and celebrate in our private Prohibition-style “Parlour,” a low-lit lounge with its own beautiful bar and available separate entrance. This space accomodates up to 50 seated and 100 standing, with room for mingling or dancing

The Center Lounge is located in the heart of the restaurant and is perfect for a social gathering for up to 85 guests. This room features a gorgeous 400-square foot bar, private upholstered booths, vintage light fixtures, and antique photographs, and offers the stylish, members-only atmosphere of a 1940’s speakeasy. This space is great for cocktail receptions and mixers! Perfect for parties of 15 to 50.

Our Courtyard is undeniably the most beautiful outdoor space of its kind in Hollywood. Showcasing an urban garden, exposed brick, stone walls, and a water feature, this space also has an elevated deck with communal dining tables, not to mention a full range sound system, live music and DJ capabilities. Its most notable feature is a custom, fully-retractable and weatherproof roof for guests to view Hollywood’s stars. This space holds 150 guests for a seated dinner, and when paired with the adjacent Center Lounge, can hold up to 300 guests cocktail-style for large receptions.