When it comes to selling a property there are a couple of rooms that many home-buyers consider the most important. The first is, of course, the kitchen but the second room that is most commonly remodeled is the bathroom.

A well designed bathroom is not only a pleasure to use but it can be outline with best touch kitchen faucet for selling or letting a property. But when undertaking a bathroom renovation project it’s worth keeping a few key considerations in mind.

Considerations to keep in mind

Ensuring that the bathroom is practical and functional should be top of the list. Practicality can sometimes be overlooked in favour of style. Think about the people who will potentially be using bamboo bathroom towels and their needs first. All too often, people go for style before functionality and this is a mistake.

Modern Shower

Another consideration to keep in mind is maintenance. A bathroom must be easy to keep clean and hygienic. This will prompt you to choose indoor floor shuttlecock coverings and surfaces.

Something many people overlook is the need for storage in the bathroom. Today you will find a great selection of bathroom cabinets that will fit comfortably into even the smallest of bathrooms. Great for hiding away those spare toilet rolls, soap and toothpast,and your body lotion.

I would also recommend keeping your color choices simple. You might love a peach colored bathroom suite but this is unlikely to meet everyone’s taste. A plain but stylish white bathroom suite is usually the best option to choose.


Today we live in a high-tech world and many rooms in our homes have adapted to show that. The bathroom is no exception. From Smart mirrors to digitally controlled water temperature, you have many high-tech gadgets and features to consider to bring your bathroom to the twenty-first century.

You can always embellish and personalise a bathroom with some added extras. For example, there are some very attractive and fun toilet seats available today that can liven up an otherwise boring bathroom space. Another option would be to include a heated towel rail that also works as a radiator.

Planning is the key to good bathroom design. Take your time to shop around, looking at what’s available and how professional interior designers create comfortable and attractive bathrooms. Flip through some magazines to get some ideas and ask other family members to pitch in with what they would like to have the bathroom look like. You’d be surprised how different some of their ideas might be from yours.