Whether you are building a bar in your living space or simply remodeling, you may need to find the right bar stools for your situation. It is not too difficult to find a good bar stools for the bar, and you may wish to shop online for your needs. Here are some tips for finding the best magnetic shoe insoles.

Getting the Right Size

When it comes to bar seating, size is a very important issue. You may not have a standard counter height, so be sure that you take measurements. Measure the distance between the floor and the counter. The seat should be about twelve inches or thirty centimeters below the counter. If you have a counter that is forty two inches or 107 centimeters from the floor, you should consider a seat height of about 30 inches or seventy six centimeters from your floor.

Check to see if there is a very large overhang on your counter. In some cases a substantial overhang can interfere with proper seating and you may need to go with shorter bar stools. This will give your guests the added leg room that they need.

Choosing the Best Design

Outdoor Bar Stools TipsThere are two basic designs that you will need to consider. One will have a back on the seat and the other will not. If you have older guests or if someone has back problems, you might want to have seats with support for the back. Backs can be a very good choice for households with young children too. Footrests are another consideration when you have guests that sit for very long.

Your new seats can either swivel or be stationary. Seats that turn around can make it much easier for guests to sit at the bar. It is also more convenient to simply turn around and talk to others. Yet, it you have young children, swivel chairs can be an attractive thing to play with, and this can cause injuries.


There are many materials choices and two of them are wood or metal. Wood is very good for traditional decoration schemes, but metal will go best with modern or contemporary design. Metal is also very easy to clean and care for, and some can be adjusted for children to use.

Online Considerations

When you shop online, be certain that you have the exact measurements that you need. If you get the wrong size, you will have to ship the items back. However, you have many advantages when shopping for bar stools online. Prices may be much cheaper, due to lower overhead of online retailers. You also may find a larger selection than with local retailers.


When you shop online for bars stools it is important to get the right measurements. Measure the exact length from the floor to the counter and deduct about one foot or thirty centimeters from the height. Determine if you need stationary or swivel seats and if they need back support. If you have a traditional decor, consider wood, but metal will work better for modern design. When you shop online for the right outdoor bar stools, you may find a better selection and cheaper prices than from local retailers.