Vinyl siding represents a significant advancement in home construction technology. There is no cheaper, easier, or more protective siding on the market today. The cost savings that most homeowners realize by installing vinyl siding is enormous. Research suggests that installing siding, particularly vinyl siding, immediately increases the value of your home.

Vinyl Siding Advantages

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Below you will find just a few benefits vinyl siding provides.

Vinyl siding is durable. Made of Extruded Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), which never dents, rots or rusts, it is virtually maintenance-free. Some companies offer a lifetime warranty for gun bluing touch up kit with on the siding they sell (with restrictions of course).

Vinyl sidings UV protection prevents uneven color fading and the colors are built into the siding, so they will never chip, peel, flake, or show scratches. Vinyl Siding forms the ultimate interlocking barrier against rain, salt, snow, and sun.

The backer board for vinyl siding repels moisture and reflects heat back into your home, making it a comfortable and energy-efficient alternative, and keeping the cost of your utility bills down.

Vinyl siding is considered to be one of the best remodeling investments you can make. It can increase the value of your home significantly because it protects your home better and longer than any other type of siding, and it looks good. Your vinyl siding is the first thing anyone will see before entering your home. it can give even an older home a modern look and greatly increase its value.

No other siding is as easy to clean as vinyl siding. Every so often, vinyl siding should be cleaned with a power-washer with a 25-degree nozzle to remove dirt, mildew, etc., but that’s really it. If spot stains appear, vinyl siding can be cleaned with a soft cloth or toothbrush using Windex┬«, Fantastic┬«, and other common household cleaners.

Siding blocks the moisture that breeds biological contaminants such as mold and would-be inhalants known to cause allergies and breathing problems. Vinyl siding is also far less combustible than plywood, wood shake, and other more flammable siding options.

Most vendors will provide a selection of vinyl siding colors from which to choose, as well as textures like simulated wood-grain to give a house a more rustic appearance. Decorative pieces (soffits, trims) let you put a distinctive finishing touch on your siding project. Also available on the market are paintable vinyl siding which only have a base coat specially designed to be painted with any color you choose.